• Gopi Arcade, Waghawadi Road


Dimple Fast Food & Fusion Tadka

Established in 1992 as Dimple Fast Food, today Dimple has become a full-fledged restaurant as Dimple Fast Food & Fusion Tadka.

Dimple Fast Food & Fusion Tadka

Located in Bhavnagar’s prime area, Dimple provides an inviting experience for people. It offers multiple cuisines  and is a perfect spot to enjoy sensational food.

Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • 315

    Family Masala Dosa (4 Feet)

  • 130

    Cheese Sandwich UttapamNew

  • 75

    Milk Shake (with Ice cream)

  • 130

    Multi Veg Grilled SandwichNew

  • 245

    Pot Rice

  • 115

    Special Dimple Jelly

Call Us: 0278- 2570057, 2571572

What Our Clients Say


Dimple is a perfect balance of Yummy food and inviting atmosphere!

Vipul Shah

Tasty Food, Cozy Environment.. Can be easily recommended..

Chirag Shah

Dimple offers some of finest cuisines in Bhavnagar.

Gaurav Viradiya

Loved the food!!

Tejas Sheth

A great place to dine!

Darshak Shah